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monday 14th november

very exciting title


i'm sorry for the long and boring blogs guys... haven't had the inspiration to write lately, which is strange since i'm in a beautiful beautiful country...
but i'll try my bestest... i'm just gonna keep going with the (almost) daily updates until i can WRITE again.

so i went to the pisac ruins on sunday. to be honest, and i would never have thought i'd say this, but i'm ruined out.
for those who have travelled with me, u'd know i have never gotten temple-d out or canyon-ed out or even ruin-ed out. but this time, i'm afraid i am. i'm thinking maybe it's 'cos they are mostly inca ruins and they kinda all look similar AND there are no explanations on the site except for what i read in the lonely planet, which doesn't say very much especially write-ups on the smaller ruins. i don't know. or i can do the "blame it on the altitude" excuse again.
i have to say though, the altitude does have a li'l influence... i tire out so easily, and with a runny nose, it's no fun climbing up hills. so anyway, i'll be free of ruins for at least the next 2 weeks while i'm in cusco. a relief on your end as well maybe? no more long boring entries on ruins.

the ruins at pisac is huge. we spent about 4hours there, just walking around and climbing up and down hills. tiring.
didn'tm ake it to the sunday markets as by the time we got down from the ruins, it was 430pm...
think i'll make a trip there again this coming weekend just for the markets. it's only an hour on bus from cusco.

okay, so now there's truly no more mention of ruins.

we've all been very addicted to this new game introduced by phoebe (another volunteer). it's like the "who am i" game.
we all write about 10 names each (politicians/writers/celebrities/characters/etc) and throw them in a hat. split into 2 groups and take turns describing what we pick out from the hat to our team mates. 1 min each round. after that is done, we throw all the names back in the hat. and in the 2nd round, we're only allowed to use one word to describe the person. and in the 3rd round, we have to act out the person on the slip of paper.
it's really fun and addictive. next morning, we found out we all went to bed thinking up new names to write for in our next game.
it reminds me of tetris where i go to bed thinking of falling blocks and how they could all fit into the space.

did absolutely nothing today. it was raining. and it hailed for a short while too! the rainy weather is definitely here. even though it's summer, it gets quite cold at night because of the rain and because we're so high up. it'd be different once i get to the coast. but that's like another month away.

did i already say i'm planning to go to bolivia?
anyway, yep, that would be in early december after my volunteer stint is up. and then, i'll come back to peru, and travel west, and then north up the coast.

anyone interested in joining me?

Posted by Chi 15:40

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